Beautiful, unspoilt nature

Considered to be the jewel in the crown of the Mascarene Islands, Rodrigues Island is a place to get away from the crowds; a yet-to-be-discovered island of hidden treasure and picturesque beauty. Walks around the island reveal diverse landscapes as well as equally diverse coral reefs under water. The giant tortoises and extensive cave system are a must-see, along with the nesting birds of Cocos Island, or just relax on the white, sandy beaches.

The hotels and lodges range from 4-star barefoot luxury to chic eco-friendly, as well as guest houses and bed and breakfast options, all offering the warm Rodrigues welcome. An ideal destination for honeymooners, families, or single travellers alike, there is something for everyone on this small, but intriguing island.

Travel & Country Information

A valid passport and visa are required. Please contact the closest Mauritian Embassy to you, as Rodrigues is part of Mauritius.

No mandatory vaccines, however a vaccination certificate is required for yellow fever if arriving from a country at high risk of yellow fever.

Port Mathurin (19°43′S 63°25′E). The island has 14 municipalities: Port Mathurin, Lataniers-Mont, Lubin, Petit Gabriel, Rivière Cocos, Mangues-Quatre Vents, Plaine Corail-La Fouche Corail, Port Sud-Est, Oyster Bay, Roche Bon Dieu-Trèfles, Coromandel-Graviers, Piments-Baie Topaze, La Ferme, Baie Malgache, and Grand Baie-Montagne Goyaves.

Plaine Corail Airport (International)

The currency of Rodrigues Island is the Mauritian rupee (MUR)

Rodriguan Creole



The island has a tropical climate with warm temperatures throughout the year, warming up during the summer seasons starting from November till April. Cyclones are highly probably during January and February. May to October is when the temperatures drop a little. The best time to visit is from May to October.

UK 3 pin, Continental 2 pin 220V/50Hz. You may need a special adapter for foreign appliances.

A yet-to-be-discovered island of hidden treasure and picturesque beauty


Total area of 104km²

Local traditions

Camping on the beach over weekends

Volcanic island

Emerged between 1.5 – 3 million years ago


Many endemic to the island

Mascarene Islands

Réunion, Mauritius, and Rodrigues

Traditional music

Sega Tambour

Rodrigues Island Tours

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