A unique land of fascinating contrasts

Situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, St Helena is an island of rugged coastlines and breathtaking views. This remarkable island has a little bit of something for everyone. Travellers can choose to discover the island in their own time or by guided tour. There are numerous hikes to explore, 500 years of history to uncover, spectacular diving opportunities, and the fauna and flora found on here is unique and diverse.

Although this is not a large island, there is a variety of accommodation on offer. There are a handful of hotels, guest houses, quaint bed and breakfasts and self-catering, and the St Helena residents, known as Saints, have a great sense of pride and welcome all who visit with a smile and a friendly greeting.

Travel & Country Information

A valid passport and visa are required. Please contact the closest St Helena Embassy to you.

No mandatory vaccines, however a vaccination certificate is required for yellow fever if arriving from a country at high risk of yellow fever.

The St Helena capital is Jamestown (15°56′S 05°43′W ) and the island is divided into 8 districts: Alarm Forest, Blue Hill   , Half Tree Hollow, Jamestown, Levelwood, Longwood, and Saint Paul’s.

Saint Helena Airport (International)

The currency of St Helena is the Saint Helena Pound (SHP)


The hottest months are between January and March and the coldest are between June and September, for much of the year, temperatures remain between 20-27°C. Rains usually begin from March to early May, and again in July to September. The best time to visit is between November to March.

UK 3 pin, 240V/50HZ. You may need a special adapter for foreign appliances.

A remote volcanic tropical island


Used for Napoleon and 5 000 Boer War captives


Portuguese navigator João de Nova on May 21, 1502

Oldest library

In the Southern Hemisphere, is in Jamestown


45 species found nowhere else in the world

185-year-old giant tortoise

The island’s most famous resident

Coffee plantation

Most remote plantation in the world

St Helena Tours

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