Diana’s Peak National Park

In March 1996, Diana’s Peak National Park was declared a national conservation area. Although the park only measures 81 hectares, it contains some endemic fauna and flora of the island that can only be found in the tree fern thicket that grows here. Diana’s Peak is the highest point of the island, reaching 823m. Visitors can hike to the top on one of the post box hikes that are available on the island.

The original area of the park included 3 peaks, namely Diana’s Peak, Cockhold’s Point and Mount Actaeon. In 2015 the park was extended to include the George Benjamin and Clifford arboretums, as well as High Peak. The endemic tree ferns are quite distinct, and grow to between 4 or 5m, but some can reach up to 6m. This tree fern thicket is now endangered after the forests were replaced by plantations in the 1750s.